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Discover our leading Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) data, insights and technology. Our M&A content covers more than 1.2 million deals.

When you need to know more

When you need to monitor and report on transaction activity, perform market share analysis, and identify new opportunities, our Mergers and Acquisitions data gives you the full details.

Our M&A data features over 1,000 data elements, from target and acquirer profiles right down to the attitude of the seller board to the bid and more.

Covering over 1.2 million deals since the 1970s – including 350,000 US target and 750,000 non US-target transactions – this is one of the world’s most comprehensive databases of mergers and acquisitions activity. It’s the choice of over 3,000 investment banks, law firms, hedge funds, corporations, and educational institutions globally.

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What you get with Mergers and Acquisitions solutions

Key content highlights

Never miss an insight with over 1,000 data elements across a range of quantitative and qualitative points.

Fully comprehensive

Access nearly 1.2m deals, including 350,000 US target and nearly 750,000 non-US target transactions since the 1970s.

Trusted sources

All content is verified by research analysts with direct deal submissions from global banking and legal contributors.

An end-to-end solution

Work effectively with a unique multidimensional view of data, valuations, and events from announcement to completion.


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