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Our curated news

Some of our curated topical news, available through our workflow solutions.

Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance is becoming an integral part of firms' business strategies.

Understand the top news about and for the Sustainable Finance industry, including news about investing in the environmental, social and governance space, corporate efforts to meet ESG standards, and corporate controversies around ESG.

Search TOP NEWS, then select Sustainable Finance under the main tab

COVID-19: Macro Vitals

The coronavirus pandemic has left a lasting impact on businesses and financial markets.

As we start to move out of lockdowns, are we going to see a bounce-back in economies? And what implications might this have on your firm? Track all the latest news around COVID-19.


U.S. Politics

With Biden now well into his term as U.S. President, how are his policies shaping up and what impact could this have on financial markets?

Keep your finger on the pulse with the very latest news and alerts, explore live charts and gain expert insight.

Search USPOL

The global chip crisis

A global shortage of semiconductor chips has seen demand grow exponentially and left industries stranded.

Leverage our expert coverage of the global computer chips shortage, including access to trusted, un-biased and objective Reuters News reporting and market-leading data.


Ukraine Conflict

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments on the Ukraine conflict, including market data, commentary from Reuters Breakingviews and breaking news.



After months of negotiations a Brexit deal was finally struck between the EU and UK in 2021, the effects of which will be felt across the financial markets for years to come.

Just how will this new relationship impact markets, short- and long-term? Follow all the latest updates and news, and explore the latest live charts and relevant video content.


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