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Continental Capital Markets (Conticap)

An overview of Continental Capital Markets (Conticap)

Continental Capital Markets, widely known and recognised as “Conticap”, is an independent financial product intermediary specialising in Emerging Markets. Founded in Nyon, Switzerland in 1998, Conticap has set itself apart from the major brokerage houses with its unique structure, modus operandi, and relationships carefully nurtured over the past 25 years.

Conticap’s desks are currency specific – true specialists with a deep understanding of the economic, political and social situations in each country. With contacts in the Central Banks themselves, Conticap is involved in building and adding liquidity to debt markets, often working closely with finance ministers to add professionalism in new markets.

Key Facts 

  • Geographical coverage
    Eastern Europe
  • History
    From 1998
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Features & Benefits

What you get with Continental Capital Markets (Conticap)

  • Conticap are active in ALL the instruments for which data is produced, however, it is worth drawing particular attention, according to prospect, to the following:
  • 21 years ago, Conticap pioneered the brokering market for PLN and have maintained a strong position ever since in PLN bonds, IRS and forward FX De facto number 1 in HUF bonds and a strong market force in HUF IRS. Number 1 in RON forward FX and a strong market share in RON government bonds.
  • TRY strong market share (number 2) in government bonds. Sub-Saharan Africa – Number 1 in Egypt, Ghana, Zambia, Uganda bonds – having been active in these markets for more than 10 years it is also worth noting that Conticap are the reference prices for both bonds and NDFs.

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