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TRBC Sector Classification

Get the most comprehensive, detailed, and up-to-date business sector and industry classifications from LSEG.

Why choose TRBC Sector Classification?

Covering over 2.7 million entities in 130 countries to 5 levels of granularity, The Reference data Business Classification (TRBC) is the most comprehensive, detailed, and up-to-date sector and industry classification available.

Dedicated, local language speaking analysts utilize company filings, Reuters news, and our corporate actions services in order to assign and maintain a company's activity.

The basis for our sector indices, TRBC helps you identify, monitor, and analyze companies and industries across global markets. It is the ideal tool for benchmarking, peer comparison and navigation, and building custom sector and thematic indices.

Features & benefits

A closer look at TRBC

Updated hierarchy

Reflects changing global consumer trends and markets. Allows investors to identify and analyze emerging industries.

Granular fifth level of analysis

Includes such 'activities' as biodiesel and search engines, and allows for the identification and analysis of niche industries.

Transparent methodology

Local-language analysts perform industry assignments transparently. Company business activity is quickly identified and updated.

Developed, emerging and frontier markets

Offers an alternative to local exchange classifications in many emerging and frontier markets. Comprehensively classifies listings.

Market-oriented schema

Classifies companies into sector and industry based on the consumption of products and services rather than their production.

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