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An overview of Economics and Central Banking News

We are the exclusive provider to financial clients of Reuters expert and authoritative news on global and national economies, central banking, and policy-making. With decades of experience covering the inner workings of every major finance ministry and central bank in the world, We give you every angle: best-in-class polling on around 700 annual key economic releases and policy decisions around the globe; split-second coverage of the data and decisions that move markets, using sophisticated technology systems coupled with the judgment of expert journalists to be first; and fast insight and explanation to help you make sense of what just happened. Between set-piece events, we report the stories behind the headlines, putting the reader inside the ECB or BOJ’s deliberations or using data and shoe-leather reporting to show what’s really happening in economies from China to the United States.

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    From 1900
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Features & Benefits

What you get with Economics and Central Banking News

  • Exclusive polls on 700 annual key economic data and policy decisions.
  • Breaking news on global, regional, national economic data releases and policy decisions.
  • The inside track on policy decision-making from finance ministries and central banks around the world.
  • Reuters Breakingviews commentary on economic and central banking developments.

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