StarMine Mergers and Acquisition Target Model

An overview of StarMine Mergers and Acquisition Target Model

The StarMine Mergers and Acquisition Target Model (M&A Target) provides a measurement of the likelihood of a public company to be acquired by analysing textual and fundamental content about the company. The model provides a 12-month indicator of the future probability of being acquired from tens of thousands of global public companies.

The model consists of two components – a text component and a fundamental component. The text component follows a bottom-up approach – starting with Reuters News documents, calculating document scores using the BERT-RNA model and aggregating document level scores to a company level score. The fundamental component uses structured data from fundamentals, deals, shareholder activism, pricing and corporate actions to generate a company score. The model combines outputs of both components to generate a final M&A Target Score.

Key Facts 

  • Geographical coverage
  • History
    From 2000
  • Data format
    User Interface
  • Delivery mechanism
  • Data frequency

Features & Benefits

What you get with StarMine Mergers and Acquisition Target Model

  • M&A Target model identifies potential targets for deal origination.
  • Orthogonal signal to most quant factors, providing unique insight that can add value to multi-factor models.
  • Bankers and service providers can target companies with a higher likelihood of a deal to focus their business development efforts.
  • It generates thought leadership content.

How it works

Accessing the dataset

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