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We help analysts to outperform and be more productive.

Develop a non-consensus view quickly

Given the constant requirement for analysts to identify new alpha generating ideas, it is crucial to find and quickly analyse securities that outperform.

LSEG Workspace has been designed to improve productivity at every step of the equity analyst workflow from idea generation to security analysis and modelling – for example, go from hours to minutes to review an earnings transcript with our innovative SentiMine natural language processing and sentiment analysis. 

LSEG Workspace

Discover how we can upgrade your workflow.

Security Selection

Outperform in the tough macro environment with StarMine predictive analytics.

Avoid expensive earnings misses with LSEG Workspace. Or, spot companies whose prospects still seem to be improving despite the economic backdrop.

StarMine SmartEstimate predicted surprise is a reweighted consensus weighted towards better analysts and more recent estimates.  When the SmartEstimate diverges from consensus by at least 2%, our research shows that you can anticipate the direction of earnings surprises with an accuracy rate of over 70%.

Security Analysis

Thoroughly interrogate critical factors more quickly.

Instantly surface critical factors in evaluating a company, the factors driving its earnings, and its competitive position. LSEG Workspace makes it easy with Signal Search – saving analysts hours of work in searching for signals across research reports, news, transcripts and filings.  

Sustainable Investing 

Identify ESG factors that materially impact business performance.

Whether you’re focused on helping your firm win a new mandate or assessing the impact of carbon emissions on a company’s future earnings, LSEG Workspace provides ESG data co-mingled and mapped to company financial data. You can immediately deconstruct a company’s ESG score, backed by auditability all the way to the source documents.

Financial Modelling

Start with accurate estimates and customisable equity risk premiums.

Seamlessly populate your models with our comprehensive company and macro data – including proprietary data such as StarMine’s SmartEstimates which are more accurate than the mean. And save time with the customizable StarMine Equity Risk Premium model that estimates the long-term equity market return and excess return above a risk-free rate for 66 global equity markets using a valuation-based framework. 

Market and Portfolio Monitoring 

No noise, just new information that is critical to your portfolio.

Find out when there’s a development that impacts your investment thesis. Watchlist Pulse works for you 24x7, letting you know when there’s activity across Upcoming Events, StarMine quantitative model score movements, new broker research reports, new corporate filings – together with breaking news from Reuters, global press, and over 10,000 local market and industry news sources.  

LSEG Workspace for analysts and portfolio managers

Experience a flexible, tailored solution that aggregates industry data, delivers proprietary analytics and automates critical research and portfolio management workflows. Know first, so you can act first.

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