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Get the precise data, technology, and expertise you need by connecting to over 2,000 of our partners.

Find a partner

Benefit from the latest thinking and best technology from over 2,000 partners. All are leaders and innovators in their specific domain, bringing their expertise directly to your workflow.

Working together

What you get from our partner program


Accelerated innovation

An open system, where ideas are shared and developed, accelerating innovation for all.

Seamless integration

Our open design makes it easy to connect content from multiple sources – from us and third parties. Straightforward, with no downtime.


Specific expertise

Instead of a single source, you get the best solutions from the most innovative providers in your business areas.


End-to-end workflows

No gaps in workflow, however fast your business moves, through our ability to deliver the best third-party content.

Quality guaranteed

Systematic checks and balances ensure content quality and performance. We help you use the new content to its maximum from Day One.

Flexible access

Options that work with your preferences, whether it’s direct or via existing workflows.

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