Associazione CAF Onlus

Associazione CAF, the Group Italian partner charity for 2019-2021, is a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims of child abuse and neglect.
Associazione CAF is an innovative place where children suffering from deep relationship injures related to their family context can be harbored and treated in a competent way aiming to get rid of that chain which often transforms minors, victims of violence, into violent adults. Its approach focuses on prevention, intervention and treatment.
Throughout 39 years of activity, thanks to the generosity of lots of people who believed in this concrete charity project, Associazione CAF was able to help more than 1000 children taken away from their families and offer their household a meaningful support.

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The Association Cometa, the Group Italian partner charity for 2016-2018, is a network of families committed to foster and educate children and young people to support their families.

Cometa is a "city within a city", where children and young people are encouraged to appreciate the meaning and beauty of life sharing everyday experiences and where families are helped and supported in their education efforts.

Through an alternating work placement and study model, Cometa offers educational and professional opportunities to young and adults.

This is our second year of partnership and thanks to them and the great effort of our volunteering colleagues we've had the opportunity of helping more than 140 young adults during their school year with sessions of tutoring, role play and one to one meetings preparing their final works.

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Cooperativa Sociale In-presa is the Group Italian partner charity for 2012-2014. Based near Milan, it offers disadvantaged young people with troubled school experiences a chance to look at their life in a positive way. In-presa provides an educational environment that enables the young beneficiaries to come to terms with learning and work, while developing a sense of citizenship.

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The restoration of the 99 Cannelle Fountain in L'Aquila

Borsa Italiana, a former LSEG business, supported the restoration of Fontana delle 99 Cannelle in L’Aquila, the Italian city hit by the earthquake on 6 April 2009. The fountain is considered the symbol of the city and therefore the restoration not only represents a concrete action in the rebuilding process but also contributes to the symbolic renewal of the city and its cultural heritage. FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) will lead the restoration activities under the supervision of the Ministry for Cultural Activities and the City of L’Aquila. The rebuilding works started in February 2010 and were completed in December the same year.

AIRC – Italian Association for Cancer Research

AIRC raises funds and gives out grants for cancer research, keeping the public up to date on the latest news in this field. Each year the funds raised are allocated to research projects and study grants deemed particularly worthwhile by AIRC's Scientific Committee made up of oncology experts throughout Italy. Applications are review and selected with the help of more than 250 European and American researchers. AIRC is partner charity of the LSEG Foundation in Italy.

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Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus

The Italian food bank, Banco Alimentare addresses poverty by redistributing food surplus to charities that feed the poor and the outcast, disadvantaged children and their families. Banco Alimentare is partner charity of the London Stock Exchange Group Foundation in Italy.

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Fondazione Tettamanti Onlus

We support an advanced genetic research project aimed at finding an early treatment of leukaemia. Fondazione Tettamanti Onlus has the objective to promote the integration between advanced medical therapies, clinical and biological research and attention to the children affected by leukaemia and their families.

Fondazione Exodus Onlus

The project funded by the LSEG Foundation aims to prevent disadvantaged adolescents from dropping out of school. An innovative teaching methodology is implemented in cooperation with targeted schools and social services in the Milan area.

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Collegio delle Università Milanesi

The Collegio di Milano is an inter-university campus committed to talent development and training of one hundred excellent Italian and international students, enrolled at any of the seven universities of Milan and admitted on the basis of merit and motivation. Besides providing the students an accommodation, the mission of the Collegio is to enhance students’ potential, offering them a rich cultural program, which helps them to gain an international and interdisciplinary exposure.

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Fondazione Laureus Sports for Good Italia Onlus

Fondazione Laureus supports children and young people living in disadvantaged conditions by using sports as a way to promote social change. We contribute by helping with the organisation of sport activities, supervisedion by tutors and psychologists, for disadvantaged children and teenagers.

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Amici del Bambino Malato

Amici del Bambino Malato, increases public awareness of infectious disease and, using the most modern and reliable methods, offers a service for early diagnosis within children.
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La Lucciola Onlus

La Lucciola has,for 30 years, been a center for providing integrated therapy to disabled children. The charity’s facilities were heavily damaged by the earthquake which happened in May 2012. We help to fund the reconstruction works.

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Fondazione Massimo Leone

Fondazione Massimo Leone assists people who are socially marginalized as a result of a series of difficult events that have led to the loss of their home. We help the charity in achieving it’s goals to reintegrate homeless people into society.

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