Friendship Works

Friendship Works was the Group UK partner charity for 2012-2014. The oldest children’s mentoring charity in the UK, for over 30 years it has provided adult mentoring to disadvantaged kids who need to be encouraged, inspired and supported through some of the most crucial stages of their childhood in order to successfully realize their own potential.

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London’s Air Ambulance

London's Air Ambulance was our 2010-2011 partner charity in the UK and is a small local charity that reaches out to many people in need. Providing emergency medical services and equipment, particularly using a dedicated helicopter ambulance service, it has been in operating for 21 years, helping people in Greater London.

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St Paul’s Cathedral

Our support has helped the Cathedral in their continuing theological, musical and educational activities.

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Lord Mayor’s Show

The Lord Mayor’s Show parade is one of London’s most established traditional events and is enjoyed by individuals from around the world in a family-friendly environment. Floats, carriages and marching bands entertain thousands of people every year in November. The London Stock Exchange is a dedicated sponsor of the event’s website, ensuring the smooth running of the parade and giving vital information for all those looking to enjoy the event.

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Bright Ideas Trust

We helped Bright Ideas Trust foster entrepreneurship where support is most needed and our managers contributed with their experience to deliver training programmes for the charity.

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Fare Share

FareShare is a charity dedicated to tackling food poverty in the UK through addressing food waste. We supported FareShare’s Food Access Programme, whose aim is to redistribute good quality surplus food to relieve food poverty across the country through a network of over 600 community organisations, charities and projects.

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Prince’s Trust

Prince’s Trust is the UK’s leading youth charity. Its Enterprise Programme supports unemployed but ambitious young entrepreneurs aged 18-30. It provides training, mentoring and financial support to help them launch and run their own small business, or to find an alternative path into employment, education or training. Since beginning in 1983, the programme has supported over 70,000 young people to gain the skills and confidence to fulfil their ambitions and build their own enterprise.

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Coram aims to deliver and promotebest practices in the care of vulnerable children, young people and their families. Thanks to a wide team of experts, they provide services and support to children in care, with family or behavioural problems and to emotionally vulnerable young people.

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Westminster Boating Base

Westminster Boating Base is a charity foundation which offers watersports courses to schools, community groups, adults and young people. The foundation delivers its services with a unique social awareness of disadvantaged young people, while committing to provide high quality watersports training.

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Broadway Homelessness & Support

Broadway Homelessness & Support - now St. Mungo's Broadway - offers a wide range of services to give  practical support and address the mental, physical and social needs of homeless people. Through a broad variety of projects and activities, they provide  long term guidance to help people find new homes. Besides delivering vital care at the Broadway Centre, they offer mentoring and training programmes which help disadvantaged people to move towards employment.

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Olivia’s Vision

The goal of Olivia’s Vision is to offer advice to people within the UK who have been diagnosed with Uveitis, their carers, family and friends. Thanks to its fundraising efforts, it has contributed to programmes which support early diagnosis and screening, as well as further research into the nature, causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of all forms of Uveitis.

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Siblings Together

Siblings together aims to help young people in care initiate and continue to have contact with their siblings, so that they can develop strong family bonds and above all achieve an independent and positive place in society supported by their sibling relationships. Siblings Together provides opportunities for planned, enjoyable, creative and high quality sibling contact.

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The Golden Company

The Golden Company is a social enterprise which works with young people to produce urban honey and honey related products in London.. Two bee-hives have been placed on the roof of LSEG’s Paternoster Square offices in London. We also continue to support the Golden Company’s training programme which enables  young beneficiaries to become apiarists.

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Barts and the London charity (Lord Mayor’s appeal)

We financed the purchase of a computerised tomograghy (CT) portable scanner for the London Trauma Centre. This supports trauma research and education.

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The Children’s Trust

The Children’s Trust providesunique and specialist healthcare, education, rehabilitation and therapy for some of the UK’s most profoundly disabled babies, children and young people. We support the ‘Light Writer’ project, which provides communication equipment for severely disabled children.

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Jewish Care

Jewish Care is a charity which provides health and social care for people in the Jewish community.  We support residents living in Rela Godhill Holiday Lodge, who suffer from a range of diseases.

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Body & Soul

We help ‘Body & Soul’ in providing weekly, quality teaching and tutoring to improve the academic achievement levels of young people affected by HIV. For more information, see website

The Hackney Carriage Drivers Charity Trust

In 2013 we supported the ‘Magical Taxi Tour’. This is a three day trip to Disneyland Resort Paris for sick children who are treated  at London Hospitals.

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The Sick Children Trust

Our support helped ‘The Sick Children Trust’ to provide accommodation at the Royal London Hospital for parents who have a child in intensive care.

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The City of London Arts Trust Limited

LSEG Foundation sponsored in 2013 ‘The Golden Honey Feast’. This initiative  promotes the need for pollen-rich planting to support the colonies of eight beehives that the Festival have installed on buildings across the city.

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Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

The Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity helps terminally ill children and their healthy siblings to have the best possible chance of achieving their full potential. We support the ‘Family Support Workers’ programme toenable healthy brother or sisters of sick children to maintain school attendance and to assist children with school work.

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JustDifferent helps create positive social attitudes towards disability and difference among children and young people. They do this through free, stimulating, interactive and educational workshops, written and created by disabled people and delivered in mainstream schools.

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MAG  (Mines Advisory Group) is a not-for-profit humanitarian organisation, whose global operations directly reduce the devastating effects of armed violence and the remnants of conflict within vulnerable communities around the world. For more information, see website

The French Institute

LSEG Foundation has supported the French Institute's library renovation project. The French Institute will be welcoming its young readers in modernized and enlarged premises.

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