Sri Lanka

The Internally Displaced Persons Housing Project

Almost three decades of armed conflict in the North and East of Sri Lanka left many communities devastated both economically and socially. Two years after cessation of hostilities in the East and one year in the North, many people are still displaced, living in shelters and camps. Social and physical infrastructure is in need of reconstruction as is the economy. It is against this backdrop and in response to the turmoil experienced by these internally displaced persons (IDPs) that the LSEG Foundation  funded the construction of 54 homes in a village in the East of the country, and 51 houses in a village in the North, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka.

The third phase of this project was completed in June 2014 with the refurbishment of 261 houses, now fully habitable,  in Vakarai. The project was integrated with education activities aimed at enabling the villagers to maintain and repair their new homes. Support was provided  for a local primary school.

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The Marshall Legacy Institute

The Marshall Legacy Institute provides certified dogs, trains local handlers/leaders, and develops infrastructure to integrate dog teams into the Sri Lanka’s demining program.

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