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MiFIR Transaction Reporting ARM

 Reg tech solutions to help you reframe regulatory reporting.

Improve your MiFIR / MiFID II regulatory reporting with UnaVista

UnaVista is an Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) that can help you meet your EU and UK trade and transaction reporting obligations.

UnaVista helps firms meet their MiFIR / MiFID II reporting requirements and also helps turn regulatory reporting into an opportunity by improving business processes/workflows.

Validation of your data against the latest data sources helps you spot errors before your reports reach the regulator, and assists in the analysis of over- and under-reporting.

UnaVista’s solutions can be rolled out quickly, reducing the burden of infrastructure and software costs.


Streamlined transaction reporting

UnaVista allows you to report on every reportable asset class and to eligible national competent authorities (NCAs).

Confidence in compliance

Regulators encourage firms to regularly review the integrity of their transaction reporting to ensure they have been successfully submitted. UnaVista assists with this process by enabling firms to reconcile between their own internal records, the data held by UnaVista and the data held by the NCA.

Automated and improved workflow

Set different levels of access for individuals or groups, so people only see the information you want them to and add as many mandatory audit steps as needed. This means you know the right checks are in place. You’ll also have a full audit trail for later reference.

Middleware cost savings

Standardise your data for reporting, reducing the need for expensive middleware.


Smart validation

UnaVista Transaction Reporting not only does all the mandatory validation you would expect. It also validates data by checking it against reference data sources, such as the regulator's list of regulated markets, MiFID II/MiFID eligible securities and the London Stock Exchange’s SEDOL Masterfile. UnaVista enables users to correct exceptions manually, export selected reports, clear non-relevant exceptions, and access additional exception management tools.

Meeting ancillary reporting requirements

UnaVista offers integrated reporting solutions for requirements such as RTS 23 reference data reporting and commodities position reporting.

Access to our MiFIR / MiFID II reporting experts

UnaVista wants to help firms do more than just comply with regulations – that's why we’ve developed training courses to help your staff – with practical takeaways on improving reporting quality and analytics. All our customers receive a discounted rate for UnaVista training courses.

Why choose UnaVista?

With years of industry expertise and trusted data accuracy, UnaVista is reframing regulation through data insights, workflow automation and easy onboarding that help you turn reactive into proactive, get ahead of regulations and upskill your teams through access to our experts.

Want to find out more about our products?

Our sales team can provide help and expertise with your product-related queries.

Global Customer Support

UnaVista offer a follow the sun support model to our clients. In addition to the proactive monitoring of our UnaVista platform, we also provide 24x7 hardware and infrastructure monitoring as standard.

Call our customer support line: +44 (0)20 7797 1122