UnaVista FinFrag Article 39 Reporting

UnaVista's reporting solution

Leveraging its partnership with SIX Swiss Exchange, UnaVista has developed a service to help firms fulfil the regulatory requirements of The Financial Markets Infrastructure Act (FMIA), or ‘FinfraG’.

Article 39 stipulates that “participants admitted to a trading venue must report all of the information necessary for transparent securities trading”.

Firms can use their existing connection into UnaVista to send details of their transactions, UnaVista will then route those transactions to the SIX, the FINMA approved Article 39 reporting repository. 

Key benefits

One platform for all your reporting

You can use UnaVista for your regulatory reporting across MiFID II, EMIR, FinFraG reporting and more. One interface, one connection, unified reporting.

Flexible connectivity

UnaVista’s Rules Engine can accept data in any structured format, so you can send in data from multiple sources and UnaVista will translate and normalise it for you.

Enhanced reporting

With one system for all your regulatory reporting, you can gain better insights into your data. There is also only one platform for compliance to work with, so they know they are getting the full picture.

High quality reference data

London Stock Exchange has range of comprehensive data sets including Swiss reporting eligibility data, to help enrich your own data sources and helps you avoid under and over reporting

Robust systems and controls

UnaVista has a range of tools to help you reconcile your reports and train your staff ensuring you are meeting your regulatory requirements to put in adequate systems and controls.


UnaVista supports both Article 39 reporting formats:

  • Firms already reporting under MiFIR can use ARM approved RTS 22 reports
  • Swiss domestic firms can use the Swiss reporting format.

Securities dealers (both foreign securities dealers and swiss dealers) subject to the reporting obligation will be able use a single interface to meet their requirements.

Why choose UnaVista?

Reframing regulation 

UnaVista can help you reframe regulation through data insights, workflow automation and easy onboarding.

Extensive partner community

UnaVista has a partner network of more than 50 of the leading technology suppliers in financial services and many consultants. We also have a long running relationship with SIX, who we provided the technology for their trade repository for FinFrag.

LSEG’s regulatory experience

LSEG has over 25 years of experience in regulatory reporting and UnaVista helps thousands of firms report more than 8 billion reports annually. Our experience can assist you prepare for regulations and ensure you are staying on top of changes.

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