February 8, 2022

Refinitiv expands collaboration with Microsoft to launch market-data powered AI assistant in Microsoft Teams

Refinitiv AI Alerts powered by ModuleQ, an artificial intelligence driven personalized assistant, is designed to provide breaking news and actionable insights to investment bankers and analysts, asset and wealth managers, financial advisors, and the broader financial services community.

NEW YORK / LONDON / SINGAPORE – Refinitiv, an LSEG business, today announced the launch of Refinitiv AI Alerts, a market-data powered intelligent assistant available in Microsoft Teams.

Refinitiv AI Alerts seeks to provide personalized, timely and actionable market insights for financial professionals, in collaboration with ModuleQ, a leader in human-centered artificial intelligence.  User-specific content suggestions and alerts are driven by ModuleQ’s proprietary algorithms and Refinitiv’s  Intelligent Tagging service, and are linked back to Refinitiv Eikon and Workspace for deeper analysis and action.

Refinitiv AI Alerts represents the latest solution to be launched as part of Refinitiv's collaboration with Microsoft, announced in 2020 for financial services.

Andrea Remyn Stone, Group Head, Data & Analytics, LSEG, said: “Microsoft Teams has become an indispensable platform for professionals across financial services, with institutions accelerating their adoption, and increasingly integrating critical data and tools into the platform to simplify the workflow and user experience. Refinitiv AI Alerts brings critical content and insights to Refinitiv’s customer base within this platform, with the goal of allowing users to discover and act on timely information across Teams, Refinitiv solutions and Microsoft 365 seamlessly.”

Bill Borden, Corporate VP of Worldwide Financial Services at Microsoft, said: “As Microsoft Teams becomes increasingly important as a platform for financial services, we welcome partner solutions such as Refinitiv AI Alerts which combine the best of market-leading data, AI, and workflow to provide our mutual customers with even more value from our relationships. We look forward to continuing to build on our partnership with Refinitiv to bring additional value-added solutions to the industry.”

David Brunner, CEO of ModuleQ, said: “Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, two key trends have accelerated in the financial services industry – more data available than ever before for decision makers, and an explosion in digital collaboration tools. While these solutions were intended to increase productivity and communication, they have, in reality, heightened the digital noise that busy client-facing financial services professionals filter through and, in many cases, adversely impacted their ability to spend quality time building relationships.  According to a report by McKinsey, employees spend 9.3 hours a week on average searching for information. Refinitiv AI Alerts sifts through the multiple information sources these professionals need, and brings them just the key actionable intelligence they need, at the time they need it, within the digital collaboration tools they are using. Users spend less time searching and more time using the information to inform their decisions and relationships.”

Refinitiv AI Alerts requests user permission to automatically learn the user’s individual priorities from their Microsoft 365 interactions, keeps that information private for the user, and recommends suggested content based on upcoming meetings and frequent email conversations. The AI also learns quickly which information the professional finds useful, allowing it to become even more accurate and relevant. For research analysts and bankers, wealth managers, enterprise sales professionals and other financial services users, this solution may provide a competitive edge in their research and customer interactions, in a seamless and simple way. Human-centered AI, and a deployment strategy within a firm’s own environment, helps to ensure a heightened level of privacy and security protection.

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