May 01, 2015

The Russell Pure Style Indexes: Tools for the next level of style investing

On April 7, 2015, Russell Indexes launched the Russell Pure Style Index Series, which builds on Russell Indexes’ long history of index innovation. The index series has Russell’s standard style methodology at its core and is further enhanced to offer a more concentrated expression of the growth and value investment styles. Covering all capitalization components of the Russell 3000® Index, the series comprises:

- Russell Top 200® Pure Growth Index

- Russell Top 200® Pure Value Index

- Russell Midcap® Pure Growth Index

- Russell Midcap® Pure Value Index

- Russell 2000® Pure Growth Index

- Russell 2000® Pure Value Index

- Russell 1000® Pure Growth Index

- Russell 1000® Pure Value Index

While the standard Russell Value and Growth style indexes can be used as performance benchmarks or as asset class proxies, the Pure Style Index Series provides tools that allow more precise refinement of equity exposures.