StarMine Awards for Most Accurate Forecasters in Reuters Polls

StarMine Awards for Most Accurate Forecasters in Reuters Polls

The LSEG StarMine Awards for economic indicators and foreign exchange rates recognises the firms and forecasters who provide the most accurate predictions for economic data releases and FX Rates in the Reuters Polls during a calendar year. The awards are announced in February of the following year.

The StarMine SmartEconomics® model assesses the historical accuracy of each contributor forecaster at every point in time on every poll in which the contributor provided a forecast.

Access the Reuters Polls and related StarMine SmartEconomics data exclusive to LSEG via the LSEG Eikon or LSEG Workspace desktop and also via the LSEG data feed products.  Discover market trends and use the predictive data to generate alpha in your investment and trading strategies.

Award Winners

Meet the 2023 StarMine award-winners

The StarMine Awards give credit to and recognise the firms and forecasters with the most accurate predictions. With industry leading participants, award winners are proven among the most prestigious of forecasters in the global industry.