LSEG Data & Analytics products

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    Tick History – PCAP

    LSEG Tick History – PCAP is a cloud-based, 20+ petabyte repository of ultra-high-quality global market data, captured directly at the data centre level.

    LSEG Workspace for investment bankers

    LSEG Workspace brings together all the content and functionality the investment banking community needs by offering a unique, customised workflow solution.

    Tick History Workbench

    LSEG Tick History Workbench enables you to focus entirely on analysing market microstructure, trading strategies or execution quality.

    ​Eikon ​FX Trading

    Manage risk, identify opportunities and differentiate your FX trading strategy with LSEG Eikon's premium foreign exchange data, news, and analytics.

    Real-Time – Ultra Direct

    LSEG Real-Time – Ultra Direct provides you with comprehensive features and high performance for your low-latency market data needs.

    LPC publications

    LSEG LPC publications are used by 1000s of corporate treasurers and almost every bank and financial institution in the global credit market.

    Eikon - metal commodities

    Eikon's metal commodities trading software helps you to identify opportunities, discover fresh insights, and see beyond the challenges in the precious metal market.

    Islamic finance development indicator

    Access our Islamic finance database including 1,400 institutions data covering $2.5 trillion assets with our Islamic Finance Development Indicator.

    ​Eikon for iPhone and Android

    Checkout the features and benefits of using LSEG Eikon mobile apps. The mobile app is available in both operating systems Iphone and Android.

    StarMine analytics and models

    Achieve higher returns with our suite of StarMine proprietary alpha-generating analytics and models, grounded in sound economic intuition and backed by rigorous analysis.