LSEG Data & Analytics products

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    Eikon - Islamic finance

    Eikon offers accessibility to a growing community of business professionals interested in Islamic Finance and broader macroeconomic environment.

    LSEG Workspace

    LSEG Workspace gives you access to the broadest and deepest coverage of financial data, news, analytics and productivity tools in a highly customised experience.

    Islamic finance development indicator

    Access our Islamic finance database including 1,400 institutions data covering $2.5 trillion assets with our Islamic Finance Development Indicator.

    Yield Book Advanced Mortgage Analytics

    Yield Book Advanced Mortgage Analytics offers a high-performance, ultra-dynamic, big data mortgage analytics platform for an immediate competitive edge.

    LSEG Workspace for students

    LSEG Workspace for students gives you access to real-world market data, financial news, and statistics, so you can advance applied learning.

    Verified Entity Data as a Service

    Verified Entity Data as Service ensures risk data complies with global, legal regulations by being accurate, appropriately linked to parent entity records, and cross-referenced to industry codes and your internal client identifiers.

    Yield Book Boost

    Yield Book Boost can speed up portfolio calculations and delivered a bit faster. Yield Book Boost works both interactively and via automation.

    LSEG Workspace for analysts and portfolio managers

    Helping Analysts and Portfolio Managers to outperform and be more productive – from idea generation and opportunity analysis to ESG risk management and portfolio monitoring.

    StarMine analytics and models

    Achieve higher returns with our suite of StarMine proprietary alpha-generating analytics and models, grounded in sound economic intuition and backed by rigorous analysis.

    Intelligent Tagging

    Intelligent Tagging lets you tag the people, places, facts, and events in your content using natural language processing, text analytics, and data-mining technologies, thereby increasing your content's value, accessibility, and interoperability.