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    Islamic Deal Connect (IDC)

    Islamic Deal Connect (IDC) is a post trade solution by LSEG for Islamic deals that provides post-trade workflow automation capabilities.

    ​Eikon Agricultural Commodities​

    Trade confidently and navigate through evolving agricultural commodities markets with Eikon - access the data, insights, and analysis you need.

    LSEG Workspace for equities

    LSEG Workspace for equities gives you unparalleled access to the timely, relevant trading cues you need at a moment’s notice.

    Workspace Technical Specifications

    LSEG Workspace is designed to work with the latest supported browsers and versions of Windows and macOS. Checkout specs and installation instructions.

    LPC Loan Pricing Data - Syndicated Loans

    LPC is the premier global provider of syndicated loan pricing news, data, and analysis, keeping you on top of trading trends and investment decisions.

    Eikon for investment research

    For buy-side and sell-side, LSEG Eikon improves investment research with rich and relevant news, insights, charts, analytics and Excel add-ins.

    LSEG Messenger

    LSEG Messenger gives you secure messaging and the ability to connect to the world’s fastest-growing community of verified financial industry professionals.

    SDC Platinum

    Securities Data Company Platinum provides the most detailed financial transaction information available on new issues, mergers and acquisitions and many more.

    LSEG – Shipping Commodities

    Eikon's shipping commodities trading software helps you to identify opportunities, discover fresh insights, and see beyond the challenges in the shipping market.

    Yield Book Structuring Tool

    Yield Book Structuring Tool allows users to market and analyze new deals, cut and repackage collateral, price tranches and identify deal arbitrage opportunities.