LSEG Data & Analytics products

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    Data Management Solutions for Commodities Trading

    Use LSEG Data Management Solution to merge and standardise commodities data across a range of sources, helping you gain a competitive edge.

    Multi-Asset Trading Solutions

    Discover the capabilities our cloud-based multi-asset trading solutions, including order and execution management right here. Explore the full range today.

    MENA Company Data and Business Development

    Access the most comprehensive database of companies and officers in the Middle East and North Africa, covering your business development needs, from LSEG.

    The Municipal Market Monitor (TM3)

    Delivering the municipal market’s MMD AAA benchmark for over 30 years, and integrated into the most comprehensive source of critical municipal market information.

    LPC Loan Pricing Data - Syndicated Loans

    LPC is the premier global provider of syndicated loan pricing news, data, and analysis, keeping you on top of trading trends and investment decisions.

    LPC publications

    LSEG LPC publications are used by 1000s of corporate treasurers and almost every bank and financial institution in the global credit market.

    Swiss Tax

    Meet your Swiss stamp tax obligations and access the data you need with our Swiss Tax solution, approved by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (SFTA).

    Collateralized loan obligation

    LSEG's Collateralized Loan Obligation offering offers a full view of the CLO market, with insight on deals, overlap analysis, trade history, and more.


    Issues, answers and solutions from LSEG to help buy-side, sell-side, and financial firms efficiently navigate MiFID II regulations.

    Curated financial news apps

    Access the top news shaping financial markets, curated by Reuters and delivered exclusively via a web app on one of LSEG's workflow solutions.