Exploring the challenges and opportunities of an ever-expanding data universe

Did you know 463 exabytes of data will be created each day globally by 2025?

Just one exabyte is needed to run a continuous video call for 237,823 years...

Data today is the business of everyone in Financial Services. Organisations of all shapes and sizes are tapping into an unprecedented volume of data to respond wisely and in a timely fashion to market fluctuations, seize rapidly emerging opportunities, and manage risks to better drive business growth. Against this backdrop, we have partnered with FT Longitude, part of the Financial Times Group, to research the challenges and considerations faced by decision makers and users of data in financial services, speaking to senior leaders from across the sector, from asset management, to banks, to wealth managers. This report reveals:

  • How to strengthen data quality, access and integration to drive better outcomes
  • The future of data governance
  • Steps financial services firms can take to ready their tech stacks for growth

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The research suggests that, in order to achieve a competitive edge, decision makers in financial services need to:

Invest in data quality

It is everybody’s business.

Put data governance front and centre

Use technology to design it into data lifecycle management.

Build back smarter

Understand the data behind the tech stack.