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LSEG has been approved to provide a solution to support financial institutions in meeting their Swiss stamp tax obligations.

Creating more choice for the financial community in Switzerland 

The Swiss Federal Tax Administration (SFTA) claims a financial transaction tax for any domestic and non-domestic security within the scope of debenture, equity, funds and structured products. Relevant securities face a transaction tax shared between the buyer and seller depending on the nature and jurisdiction of the instrument. 

The Swiss requirements to provide data that helps firms meet their regulatory transaction tax requirements are the strictest in Europe. All data providers must be officially certified by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration and provide a full concept of understanding and implementation of the Swiss stamp tax law.

Our solution

Simplifying reporting of financial transactions for stamp tax purposes

LSEG pricing and reference data services help the financial community meet its varied regulatory reporting requirements, with comprehensive global data across multiple asset classes.

We have built our Swiss Tax solution with our latest technology framework to make it quick and efficient for customers to access the data they need via APIs.

Delivery platform

  • Swiss tax data at security level are stored in the LSEG Data Platform and delivered via LSEG Data Platform APIs
  • Customers can query LSEG Data Platform via the LSEG Data Platform APIs by providing a list of security ISINs; the relevant tax data will be returned coded in JSON. In addition, there will be a Web-based interface for end-user interaction

Features & benefits

Access our comprehensive global data to power your regulatory reporting needs 

Fully transparent offering

Our offering combines our in-house subject-matter expert team, which act as an interface between clients, SFTA and Swiss stamp tax consultants.

Secure and efficient delivery

Swiss tax data at security level are stored in the LSEG Data Platform and are delivered via RDP APIs

Trusted and accurate expertise

We will provide a stamp tax flag and supporting information to enable clients to determine the Swiss stamp duty per security.

Our coverage

Providing extensive and diverse coverage 

  • 1.7mn
    OTC Structured Product
  • 700k
    GSAC (Government, Supranational, Agency, Corporate) Bonds
  • 1mn
    US Municipal Bonds
  • 1.1mn
    US Mortgage Pools
  • 400k
    Securitized products
  • 79k
  • 340k

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