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LSEG Contributions Channel

We connect more than 13,000 capital markets and advisory desks, OTC sales and trading desks, sell-side research firms, buy-side fund-management institutions, as well as corporates to their customers worldwide. LSEG contributed content reaches tens of thousands of buy- and sell-side professionals through an integrated suite of market intelligence and transaction platforms centred around LSEG Workspace and the LSEG Data Platform.

The LSEG Difference

  • 5,500
    Sell-side desks contributing pricing for over 8M instruments across OTC markets
  • 800
    Fixed Income pricing contributors supporting 120 markets globally
  • 1,300
    Sell-side and independent research firms contributing research and estimates data
  • 1,600
    Banks and law firms contributing deal flow
  • 400
    Private equity firms contributing investment data

Plus, hundreds of corporate investor relations desks contributing their Officer & Director, ESG and Events data.

Why contribute?

Why should you contribute your data to LSEG?

Optimal Deal-making Exposure: Deals and League Tables content are viewed as the industry-standard measure of deal leadership, leveraged by the buy- and sell-side, corporates, and frequently featured by tier-one media outlets.

Global Distribution & Dissemination of Data: From deals to fund information, your data is distributed to a network of hundreds of thousands of customers and prospects, globally – fully integrated into their workflow via critical LSEG solutions.

Access to Exclusive Engagements & Information: Contributors enjoy an all-access pass to market insight through survey results, market roundtables, and policy-setting discussions through exclusive contributor relationships with LSEG contribution analysts.

Confidence in the Accuracy of your Data: Ensure your company has the most up-to-date information available in the market with quick tools to submit data correction requests directly to the LSEG data team. Contributors can track the status of their submissions in real-time and set up alerts to be notified when something has been processed.

Data you can trust

Your submissions help to develop our industry-leading coverage of market data

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

LSEG offers one of the most comprehensive ESG databases in the industry, with data on over 10,000 public companies, both active and inactive, across 76 countries.

Equity New Issues (Deals)

Join the hundreds of deal-making firms who contribute equity issue deal-flow to LSEG League Tables – powering the industry’s largest database of investment banking deals, spanning over 395,000 ECM transactions since the 1980s.


LSEG I/B/E/S Estimates is the industry standard for analyst detail, consensus and aggregates data, company guidance data and advanced analytics, spanning across 21,000 active companies in 90 countries, and sourced from over 16,000 analysts.


Ensure your event data is assessable to institutional investment firms, asset managers, analysts and other investors in one of the most comprehensive Event databases in the industry, containing information from close to 1 million companies and 100 sell-side firms globally.

Fixed Income New Issues (Deals)

Join the hundreds of bond syndication desks who contribute Fixed-Income New Issues – comprising over 9 million fixed-income securities issued by corporations, governments, agencies, and financial issuers in more than 120 markets.

Lipper Funds

Ensure that your funds’ holdings and performance are updated in 80+ registered-for-sale markets within LSEG Lipper’s database of over 120,000 funds and 340,000 active share classes contributed by hundreds of leading fund-management companies globally.

Mergers & Acquisitions (Deals)

Join the hundreds of deal-making firms who contribute M&A data to LSEG League Tables – powering the industry’s largest database of investment banking deals, spanning over 1.2 million M&A transactions announced since the 1980s.

Officers and Directors

LSEG offers one of the most comprehensive ESG databases in the industry, with data on over 10,000 public companies, both active and inactive, across 76 countries.

OTC Pricing

Join the 5,500 sell-side desks who contribute prices on over 14 million instruments traded over the counter – a real-time dataset that distinguishes Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income and Commodities & Energy desktop and feeds propositions from others in the industry.

Private Equity

Contribute your firm’s investment activity assessable by the global alternative investment community, with a database of 356,000 global investments and associated fundraising and portfolio exit activity dating back to the 1960s.

Sell-side Research

Join the 1,300 sell-side and independent research firms actively servicing their clients by contributing all-asset research and estimates data via our real-time and embargoed research collections.

Syndicated Loans

Join the hundreds of banking syndication desks, law firms, and finance companies that have contributed 350,000 primary loan facilities, including 200,000 active facilities, and counting, through the LSEG contributions channel.

How you can contribute

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