LIBOR Transition and Replacement Rate solutions

Derived analytics

Look to us to be able to value assets based on new risk-free rates such as FRNs or OIS.

Why choose derived analytics?

Analytics are derived from new Risk Free Rates such as Zero Coupon curves. LSEG provides accurate zero curves bootstrapped from liquid Instruments to project forward payment and discount cashflows. Analytics APIs, bond calculation and swap pricer tools are available in Eikon and Workspace. We have enhanced these tools to support new risk-free rates (overnight compounded in arrears). Customers can use a generic realized rate calculator to calculate cashflows for standard periods and broken dates.

Our solution

What you get with derived analytics?

All our available zero curves – AUD AONIA, CAD CORRA, CHF SARON, EUR ESTR, GBP SONIA, JPY SONIA, SGD SORA, THB THOR, USD SOFR – are listed in the <RFRZERO> page in EIKON and Workspace.

The new zero curves are exposed in the Swap Pricer (SWPR) app to allow valuations of OTC rates derivatives on the new risk-free rates and OIS discounting using the new curves. We have enhanced the Bond Calculator (BNDC) app to support FRNs issued on new risk-free rates.

Use our compounded rate calculator to compute a rate cashflow between any date range and it incorporates the fixing lags (for example, the five-day lookback period for Sonia) and backward-shift methods.

A screenshot of RFR Realised Rate Calculator analysing the Rate: Sonia with the end date: 10/ 02/ 2021


How can derived analytics benefit you?

LSEG is committed to providing you with tools to monitor the Libor transition, assess risks and impacts.

Easy migration

We have improved our Analytics APIs and desktop calculators to help our customers migrate to new risk-free rates.

Ease of use

Users can ingest our Zero Curves on new RFRs to feed their services.


We are your trusted partner, providing you with news, data, tools and analytics underpinned by open platform technology to enable efficient planning and accurate impacts assessments for a seamless LIBOR transition.

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