Fixed Income Indices 3rd Party

We have strong global coverage with over 30000 EOD index series, thousands of historical constituent lists and supplier based underlying bond pricing from all major index suppliers and exchanges.


How our Fixed Income Indices 3rd Party can benefit you

Our long index histories including discontinued historical index data, retrieval, and manipulation with Windows application for use against client models.

Functions can be applied to all raw data for calculations to be automated, including % changes, standard deviations, and spreads. Index, constituents, and underlying bond data from a single supplier can be reviewed and downloaded into a single request allowing for all FI index analysis to be quick and easy.

The 3rd party index coverages span all major vendors (Citi, BBG Barclays, FTSE, and JPM), mid-tier providers, and many custom strategies, ensuring unapparelled client exposures.

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