Provides such detailed profile information of company executives and directors as employment, pay and performance, education, committee memberships and biographies.


How our People data can benefit you

Gain access to one of the most comprehensive databases of public and private company executives with in-depth coverage of over 2.6 million officers & directors, representing 1.9 million unique people over 200,000 Public and Private companies across world. Track the career progression of an individual through our assignment of unique person identification codes.

Gain access to over 40 million connections between executives and board members around the world and Research key linkages and evaluate the strength of a management team.

Track insider moves and anticipate market changes. Develop a complete picture of insiders’ views of possible future share price movements.

With nearly 200,000 contacts and over 32,000 investment firms, it is the most comprehensive content in the marketplace. Investment firms and decision makers, integrated with underlying ownership holdings data, gives users the most comprehensive and up-to-date representation of the investment players making the buy, sell, and hold decisions moving markets.

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