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TonnEdge Vessel Market Pricing

An overview of TonnEdge Vessel Market Pricing

The third-party, fee-liable TonnEdge Vessel Market Pricing Model uses a combination of market-based and quantitatively derived approaches to price the global fleet of traded commercial vessels. This empowers shipping market players with tools to manage and analyze shipping financial risks and investments. TonnEdge data and analytics are exclusively available through Eikon, and DSS.

Key Facts 

  • Geographical coverage
  • History
    From 2007
  • Data format
    User Interface
  • Delivery mechanism
  • Data frequency

Features & Benefits

What you get with TonnEdge Vessel Market Pricing

  • Real-time vessel pricing - TonnEdge prices the entire global fleet of traded commercial vessels, providing both a benchmark curve for each representative vessel and individual vessel values, searchable by IMO, representing an arm's-length 'mid-price'.
  • TonnEdge is the exclusive supplier of vessel price data for us.
  • The TonnEdge team comprises industry specialists from financial risk and investment management, shipping academia, ship management, ship brokerate, commodities trading, and shipping finance.

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