StarMine Weighted Average Cost of Capital

An overview of StarMine Weighted Average Cost of Capital

StarMine Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) calculates the average rate a company is expected to pay to its debt, equity, and preferred stockholders to finance its assets, where each component of capital is proportionately weighted in the same fraction as the capital structure.

StarMine WACC incorporates a number of our unique content and analytics, including the StarMine Credit Risk models and the StarMine Equity Risk Premium (ERP) model. It applies intuitive and intelligent methods to handle situations where traditional WACC calculations oversimplify or fail. The result is a more robust, accurate WACC value that better reflects a company’s genuine cost of capital.

Key Facts 

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    From 2015
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Features & Benefits

What you get with StarMine Weighted Average Cost of Capital

  • StarMine WACC takes advantage of the industry-leading content and applies detailed and well-designed exception handling.
  • The weighted average cost of capital is a critical component of company valuation and business decision making.

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