Alternative data for extensive financial analysis and insights

Alternative data

Make better investment decisions by using alternative data, an essential counterpart to the traditional, fundamental data already used.

Maximizing the potential of alternative data

Integrating the world’s data gives you the power to do more.

Alternative data is defined as non-traditional data that can provide an indication of future performance of a company outside of traditional sources, such as company filings, broker forecasts, and management guidance. This data can be used as part of the pre-trade investment analysis, as well as helping investors monitor the health of a company, industry, or economy.

Many investors already see that alternative data is just as essential as fundamental data for their financial analysis and insights.

We offer the content, platforms and tools to evaluate and use alternative data for better decision making on investment, trading and risk management. We are constantly evaluating this new frontier - to provide greater clarity and to effectively combine both datasets for a uniquely powerful proposition - and actively scan the market for new content sources.

We have made a commitment to improving, streamlining and perfecting the way in which users can access, compare and use the best fundamental and alternative data.

Austin Burkett, CFA, Head of Quant and Feeds, LSEG

Advance your investment potential with a world leader

Beyond content, we are aware of how difficult and time consuming it can be to access “clean” data and build models with it, and that this is particularly relevant with alternative data, as data sets vary in complexity and structure.

We are developing a new platform for data scientists to efficiently access and explore alternative data sources, and we’ve teamed up with leading alternative data provider, BattleFin, to give you access to one of the largest libraries of alternative data available globally and help open up vital new investment opportunities.

We are constantly promoting standards that make alternative data easier to use, particularly alongside LSEG data - which, in turn, we’ve made available to BattleFin for display in their own Ensemble platform.

Our alternative data sets fall into 3 categories:

  1. 1
    • News Analytics: company sentiment from unstructured news
    • Social Media Monitor: tracks company sentiment from Twitter and StockTwits social media data
    • Reuters Polls: the world's leading surveys of professionals, widely quoted by policy makers in major central bank documents. The polls are conducted on a snapshot basis allowing for point-in-time analysis.
  2. 2
    • Datastream: alternative data sets being added including industry KPIs, polls, car registrations, housing prices, consumer sentiment
    • StarMine Text Mining Credit Risk Model: based on news, conference call transcripts, corporate filings and broker research reports
    • BizQualify: employee benefit plans for over 1M companies
  3. 3
    • Commodities and energy: fundamental and forecast data for global agriculture, carbon, LNG, metals, gas, power and weather. Track ship movements, oil refinery outages and storage levels, pipeline flows, crop health and forecasts, and carbon emissions.

Key takeaways

Make better investment decisions with alternative data

Differentiate your strategy

We help you to add alternative data to the mix so you can develop, refine and test clearly differentiated investment ideas.

Innovate for alpha

Our reliable alternative data sources can be crucial to help you find innovative investment opportunities.

Combine new data with your fundamentals

New sources of data plus our best-in-class fundamental data help you to identify shifts and changes in markets and companies.

Optimize workflows

Fusing alternative data with traditional sources helps you to better optimize portfolios for greater returns.

Manage risk better

The insights alternative data delivers can help you to better manage volatility and risk.

Get simplicity from a single provider

Cloud access and smart partnerships ease your access to an ever-greater range of data.


Access our data quickly and easily

LSEG Quantitative Analytics

Our ready-to-use cloud-based quantitative research platform allows you to rapidly source relevant and harmonized data sets – allowing you to evaluate data sets and test your investment hypotheses, and our partnership with BattleFin allows you to incorporate 3rd party alternative data sets into your investment strategies and research.

BattleFin Ensemble

Our partnership with BattleFin provides you with access to a sandbox testing environment within the Ensemble platform where you can combine LSEG Fundamental data with 3rd party alternative data.

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