The London Stock Exchange is the UK representative of the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA), and allocates UK ISINs in addition to universal SEDOL codes. Through our enhanced SEDOL Masterfile (SMF) service we provide customers with comprehensive reference data and corporate actions

A unique, market-level, global security identifier increases STP efficiencies and decreases the costs of cross-border trade failure. Having undertaken extensive industry consultation we believe the real-time allocation mechanism, combined with a broad coverage of asset classes and additional identification data, contributes to a reduction in trade failures and the streamlining of manual processes.


SEDOL codes are a unique country level identifier issued one per country for place of listing or trade. Each SEDOL is partnered with a Market Identification Code (ISO 10383 MIC) also creating a unique market level identifier.


Hosted on a 24/7 web browser for real-time SEDOL creation and functionality to search the SEDOL universe. SEDOL codes are also available via a bespoke pre-allocation service for issuers to improve new issuance processing time frames. In addition, SEDOL Masterfile reference data is delivered to subscribers intra-day.


SEDOL codes are allocated to all countries for both listed and unlisted instruments covering all asset classes. Additional reference data, including widely adopted ISO standards such as the global ISIN (ISO 6166), provide key instrument data for each SEDOL.

Now SEDOL Masterfile is hosted on the newest version of UnaVista, creating additional benefits for users such as:

Improved efficiency

Fast processing speeds and a more intuitive user interface create a faster environment to work in

Increased visibility of your business

Additional functionality such as dynamic filtering and portfolio management give you the tools to manipulate your data however you want.

Reduce your risk

Summary dashboards give you a clear overview of your data, so you can see your positions quickly.