SETSqx (Stock Exchange Electronic Trading Service – quotes and crosses) is a trading service for securities less liquid than those traded on SETS.

SETSqx combines a periodic electronic auction book with standalone non-electronic quote driven market making. Currently the uncrossings are scheduled at 8am, 11am, 3pm and 4:35pm. Electronic orders can be named or anonymous and for the indicated securities order book executions will be centrally cleared.

On 15 September 2014, London Stock Exchange is introducing improvements to the SETSqx auction service. Please see 'Improvements to auctions on the SETSqx trading service' in the download section for full details.



SEAQ is London Stock Exchange's non-electronically executable quotation service that allows market makers to quote prices in AIM securities (not traded on SETS or SETSqx) as well as a number of fixed interest securities.


List of Securities

List of SETSqx CCP securities - updated weekly

List of SETSqx NON CCP securities - updated weekly

List of SEAQ securities - updated weekly