Supporting International financial markets

LSEG Academy believes that training and education are key elements for the successful development of any economy and that they can also be considered as a very powerful marketing tool to attract investors and companies to a marketplace.

To enhance growth within the economic and financial system of emerging and mature markets, our training centre has developed experience in assisting and advising foreign Exchanges and key market players in two ways:

  1. Developing and delivering face-to-face training and “e-learning” programmes, both to internal staff and to market participants - brokers, potential new and existing issuers and institutional investors. As the London Stock Exchange Group Academy’s approach to training is to ensure that knowledge is transferred and shared effectively, the contents of all these projects are always tailored to the background, knowledge level and seniority of all the trainees.

  2. Working closely with London Stock Exchange's international staff to set up a partnership or joint venture aimed to deliver training course programmes to the local financial community on a long term basis. The advisory programme to implement a long-term joint venture will include the following activities:
  • A detailed training needs analysis based on in-depth interviews with the target market.
  • Customisation of the first year training programmes.
  • Marketing consultancy to support  course sales.
  • Training for the Exchanges’ staff to develop training programmes autonomously.
  • The creation of virtual communities to engage the wider international clients base for the growth of the local market skills.

The ultimate objective of the long term partnership is to enable investments to grow in the retail and institutional investment market and subsequently develop the skills to accelerate financial growth.

Our experience within the wider international markets

As part of a broader agreement between the Mongolia Stock Exchange, one of the fastest growing emerging markets Exchanges, and London Stock Exchange Group, Academy delivered a 50 day training programme covering all key Capital Markets related topics.

On that occasion, knowledge transfer was a key part of the wider project,  which allowed the group to start building the local Exchange’s and market participants’ expertise.

Examples of the topics that LSEG’s Academy can cover in its training sessions to international markets include:

a)     Core business management skills:

  • Corporate law
  • Understanding financial statements & accounts

b)    Financial Market related topics:

  • Markets structure and operations
  • IPO process
  • Financial products programmes (including ETFs, fixed-income instruments, derivatives, etc.)
  • Asset management
  • Corporate governance
  • Risk Management
  • Corporate finance
  • Company valuation
  • Investor relations
  • Post trade services

c)     Human Capital Development:

  • Leadership and personal awareness
  • Handling conflict and personal awareness
  • Influencing skills
  • Board influencing

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Our Graduate Scheme for foreign Exchanges’ employees

The aim of the four week graduate programme designed and delivered by Academy for foreign stock exchanges is to provide their graduates with a comprehensive overview of how today’s Capital Markets operate and a ‘big picture’ understanding of the financial services industry.  

The key advantages to our programme are:

  • Equipping graduates with the relevant knowledge and skills to enable them to contribute quickly in their professional working environment.
  • Provides the graduates with a unique and privileged international benchmark to enable them to support the long-term development of their market over time.
  • The graduates gain a competitive career advantage in relation to their peers on their return to the workplace.

But the graduate programme is not just about professional development – there’s also the added personal growth and ‘soft skills’ that can be gained in the Academy classroom.

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