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Dream makers

JAY-BE® is one of the UK’s most distributed bed brands, supplying around 1,000 retailers around the world. Offering a whole range of products, including mattresses, sofa beds and folding beds, the father and son business has its roots in the early 1800s.

The company has found new opportunities in consumer demand for quick response times. Roger Durrans, Managing Director of JAY-BE®, explains that in response to demand, the company began dispatching directly from its factory straight to the consumer. It also ensured that the vast majority of its products were available for next day delivery.

Roger says that the role of the internet has changed how the business communicates with its consumers. “We recognise that online plays an ever-increasing role in communicating to the customers. We have proactively improved our marketing assets, including a complete transformation of our website, the introduction of product videos and a wider range of photos to increasingly promote our brand and our wider values. We have also improved our logistical relationships in order to expand abroad.”

The company produces approximately 300,000 beds and mattresses each year in its West Yorkshire factory and in the past year has undertaken lengthy research into the eco-impact of its industry. “We are more focused than ever on producing environmentally conscious products, as well as setting higher industry benchmarks for comfort, quality and true value.”

JAY-BE® has worked hard on its sustainability credentials. Its Smart Fibre mattress, which is made from recycled plastics, has replaced foam in the majority of its products. Since their introduction, JAY-BE® has actively diverted more than the equivalent of 60 million plastic bottles from going into landfill. “With the notable shift in public interest, we have recently started to highlight this,” says Roger, adding, “the biggest challenge is incorporating our values while remaining very competitive, although this is something we’re determined and confident we can achieve.”