Turquoise Products & Services

Turquoise offers a broad universe of 4,300 stocks with uniform access to 19 major European and emerging markets as well as US stocks, IOB Depositary Receipts, ETFs and European Rights issues all through one interface and membership.

Turquoise comprise two discrete order books, Turquoise Integrated Order Book and Turquoise Plato™. Members benefit from access to significant institutional liquidity from our investment bank shareholders and from a diverse list of participants, including global banks and investment firms, institutions with regional focus and specialist trading and market-making firms. Use of existing London Stock Exchange networks, optimal co-location facilities, resources and processes minimises setup and development costs.

Turquoise supports a three-way interoperable clearing model, providing members with flexibility in choosing the most efficient clearing solution for their business.

Size priority of dark orders at the primary market midpoint, with participant discretion on interaction with the flow in continuous trading and/or in periodic matches for more patient participants.
Combines visible, iceberg and hidden Large In Scale orders. Continuous trading 8.00am to 4.30pm, with orders executed on price, display type, time priority basis.
Turquoise latest innovation
Available via co-located brokers and Turquoise Risk Controls, allowing members to provide end clients direct access to Turquoise liquidity through their membership.