Turquoise SwapMatch™

Turquoise SwapMatch™ is a neutral arranging platform for Participants to match block interests in over-the-counter equity total return swaps.

Turquoise SwapMatch™  allows Participants to select which Participants they are willing to be matched with and also allows other Matching Parameters to be set  ahead of each Matching Run. The Matching process takes place using the Turquoise SwapMatch™ Matching Allocation Methodology.

Over-the-counter equity total return swap interests matched by Turquoise SwapMatch™  are  executed bilaterally between relevant Participants using swap documentation agreed and in place between themselves. Post Matching Runs, Turquoise SwapMatch™ assists with the on-going processing and intermediation of early terminations and scheduled terminations in relation to executed swaps. 

For more details about Turquoise SwapMatch™, please contact the Turquoise Team.