Net Zero Conversations

Net Zero Conversations

How can we accelerate the just transition to net zero ahead of COP27? Jane Goodland, Group Head of Sustainability at LSEG, hosts Net Zero Conversations, our new series featuring interviews with leaders across finance, government and business.

The series was filmed at the Net Zero Delivery Summit in May 2022, hosted by the City of London Corporation in association with the COP 26 UK Presidency 2022 and the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ).

How will the aviation industry reach net zero goals by 2050? Javier Echave, Chief financial Officer at Heathrow, explains.

Dive into the critical role the Environment Agency has to play in climate action with Emma Howard Boyd, CBE, Environment Agency/Green Finance Institute Chair,

What role does responsible investing have to play in the road to net zero? Adam Matthews, Church of England Pension Board’s Chief Responsible Investment Officer and TPI Chair, explains.

As a leader in capital markets, fintech and green sustainable finance - how London is impacting the race to net zero? Lord Mayor Vincent Keaveny, City of London Corporation explains.

How is LSEG reducing emissions via voluntary carbon markets and leading the charge in disclosure and regulatory standards? Hear first-hand from LSEG’s CEO, David Schwimmer.