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LSEG: Sustainable Finance

Discover how LSEG is enabling the global financial markets to achieve sustainable growth with our unique ecosystem of sustainable finance solutions and insights.

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    A financial reality

    Sustainability as a pillar of decision making is now the reality across all our global markets.

    As the allocators of capital, the investment and finance community can play a pivotal role in steering the transition to a low carbon economy and in driving socially positive outcomes. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are widely accepted by institutional finance as critical to managing risk and improving investment outcomes.  Furthermore, among asset owners like pension funds there is a growing focus on being a “universal investor” with very long investment horizons and a desire to influence the trajectory of the global economy to achieve more sustainable and stable long term growth. This is leading to changes in how these organisations engage corporate issuers and policy makers and how they select and monitor their asset managers and banks.

    The COVID-19 crisis has reminded the market participants of the potential for major disruption to the real economy from environmental and societal challenges.  This, together with the Black Lives Matter, and the Build Back Better campaigns has directed even more attention on sustainability themes.

    As governments plan massive investments in infrastructure to kick start the economy, policy makers are focusing attention on projects designed to cut carbon emissions and address other social imperatives.

    COP26 is the next major international climate summit, after the 2015 Paris Agreement, and takes place in Glasgow in November 2021. Climate change is impacting multiple industries and leading to industrial change. There is also huge momentum with the finance sector and companies committing to “net zero emissions”.

    This is one of the biggest investment opportunities of the century and LSEG is positioned to play a central role between the finance and corporate sector, working closely with the UK Government, the United Nations, the City of London, Mark Carney in his new UN Climate Finance role, and COP26 teams.

    The asset allocation into the green economy

    David Harris, Global Head of Sustainable Finance, Data & Analytics, London Stock Exchange Group, outlines the huge momentum which is now driving investments into the green economy. Leading this change is the ongoing development of criteria that are helping define many aspects of sustainable finance.

    LSEG: enabling sustainable low carbon growth

    From comprehensive data to access to unparallel sources of green capital, LSEG provides the unique ecosystem of sustainable finance solutions that are designed around the needs of the global financial markets.

    Our proprietary data sets covering ESG metrics, sustainable infrastructure, carbon markets, green bonds, debt, and much more allow investors to make sustainable investing decisions to deliver on their goals while our IP in generating robust benchmarks and indices is the driving factor in decision making to achieve climate, diversity & inclusion, and broader sustainable growth objectives.

    The unique access to green finance via our issuer services on primary and secondary markets help fuel the engine of sustainable growth across corporations, financial institutions, FinTechs and more.

    Discover below how LSEG’s sustainable finance solutions can help you navigate ESG, climate and environment, diversity and inclusion and other challenges.

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