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Sustainable Finance for Sustainable Growth

Discover how LSEG is enabling the global financial markets to achieve sustainable growth with our unique ecosystem of sustainable finance solutions and insights.

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Solutions for the sustainable finance ecosystem

Sustainability is now a key pillar of decision making across all our global markets. The investment and finance community in particular can play a pivotal role in steering the transition to a low carbon economy and driving socially positive outcomes, as the allocators of capital and finance.

From comprehensive data to access to unparallel sources of green capital, LSEG provides solutions designed around the needs of the entire sustainable finance ecosystem. Our proprietary ESG data sets, robust benchmarks and indexes and access to green finance, enable investors to make sustainable investing decisions and achieve broader sustainable growth objectives across corporations, financial institutions and governments.

Discover below how LSEG’s sustainable finance solutions can help you navigate ESG, climate and environment, diversity and inclusion and other challenges.

Environment & Climate

Green Revenues 2.0 Data Model

Quantifying balance sheet exposure to environmental impact

The investor guide to climate collaboration

From COP26 to Net-Zero

Carbon Markets Annual Survey

Pulse of the major carbon markets around the world

Infrastructure: The green rush

Where is sustainable infrastructure developing?

Partnership with the Transition Pathway Initiative and CA100+

Driving investor collaborative corporate engagement and investment strategies.

EU Paris Aligned Benchmarks

From COP26 to Net-Zero