TRADEcho: Simplitium LSE Trade Reporting Services


TRADEcho is the name of the partnership between Simplitium and London Stock Exchange to deliver a MiFID II compliant multi-asset trade reporting service, facilitating efficient and straightforward trade reporting in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

Simplitium and London Stock Exchange will combine and evolve their complimentary trade reporting services into a comprehensive offering to best serve European capital markets’ need for an efficient solution to comply with new MiFID II regulation.

TRADEcho will offer:

  • Pre-trade SI quoting service, and publishing of quotes via London Stock Exchange market data feeds, market data vendors and the service’s portal
  • Post-trade trade reporting for OTC, OTF, SI, MTF, on-exchange and off-book flows
  • A cleared model; clients will be able to flag off-book trade reports for onward routing to CCP, to be able to net these trades with order book trades to achieve settlement and margin savings
  • Support for all asset classes covered by MiFID II, including equities, depositary receipts, ETFs, equity derivatives, commodities, fixed income and other financial instruments
  • Support for the additional data requirements and definitions introduced under MiFID II
  • A web-based portal providing access to the services

The new service provided by London Stock Exchange and Simplitiumare complemented by UnaVista’s transaction reporting service.

For more information about TRADEcho, please visit: