SETS Intra-day Auction

Brian Schwieger, Head of Equities, talks about the benefits of the new SETS Intra-Day Auction

Daily 12:00pm auction for equity securities on SETS Order Book is now live.

The new Intra-day auction is a Midday price forming auction mechanism for trading larger sized orders.

Participants will benefit from:

  • Opportunity to take part in a price forming liquidity event, timed to coincide with the traditional low point in daily volatility, and exempt from the MiFID II double volume caps in dark trading
  • Only Level 1, top of book data, visible during auction, limiting market impact of larger sized block orders
  • Provision of mid-day price formation for products and portfolio benchmarking, removing the need to use last or mid-price

For more information about intra-day auction, please contact our Sales Team