London Stock Exchange Group: Helping SME's grow and thrive

A short film showcasing the rapidly expanding range of programmes and platforms through which our Group is nurturing the job-creating star businesses of tomorrow.


The real heroes of the economy are the people who run small enterprises; who give up their entire day, life, their financial security to create jobs and create wealth. (Donald Brydon, Chairman, LSEG) 

Blue chips no longer have the power to create new jobs. That leaves the small and mid-sized enterprise segment as the only – not one of, but the only – sector that can actually create new jobs. (Xavier Rolet, CEO, LSEG)

So we’ve created a set of platforms to help these young, fast-growing companies raise their visibility with investors…

…and to provide them with the cultural equipment to progress and the funding options to grow even more in their future. (Luca Peyrano, CEO, ELITE)

We launched AIM 20 years ago, and the goal has been the same all along really – which is to provide companies with access to the public markets at an earlier stage than they might otherwise have access to. (Marcus Stuttard, Head of AIM, LSEG)

Listing has been key for the company, and it will be key for our future. (Andrea Tessitore, Co-founder and CEO, Italia Independent)

On AIM we initially raised a whole load of money in order to expand further – to widen the portfolio of investors. (Jonathan Peters, Group Finance Director, Everyman Media Group Plc)

There’s a whole community of advisors, that really support these businesses, that just doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. (Marcus Stuttard)

At the same time we’ve developed a service, ELITE, which provides support for companies beyond just raising capital through the stock market. (Donald Brydon)

We decided to participate in the ELITE programme because we want to learn from the best practice of listed companies. (Matteo Lodrini, CFO, De Nora)

During the ELITE programme we have been going through an education – a pattern where we’ve had meetings, workshops, seminars. And they’ve brought to us a number of different selected professionals. (Paolo Dellachà, CEO, De Nora)

The London Stock Exchange Group is perceived as the market infrastructure of reference – an iconic partner to work with. (Antonella Amadei, Global Business Development & Infrastructure Sales, LSEG)

And in our flagship publication ‘A Thousand Companies to Inspire Britain’, we find some of the fastest growing companies in the UK and showcase them to the whole world – to make sure they get their fair share of attention. (Nikhil Rathi, CEO, London Stock Exchange Plc)

It was really exciting for us to be part of that. I think it just demonstrates that what we’re trying to achieve as an organisation is working. (Jonathan Peters)

So our aim is always the same: trying to innovate, to continue to expand the range of our businesses, the range of our clients, to broaden our offering. (Raffaele Jerusalmi, CEO, Borsa Italiana)

That’s how we look at an ecosystem for funding SMEs. It has to be an entire elevator from start-up to stardom. And not just by offering one set of solutions at the critical stage in a company’s life. It should be an opportunity for us to grow with them. (Xavier Rolet)