London Stock Exchange Group: Powering the real economy

View this short film highlighting the values that are held dear by LSEG and underpin our continuing growth as a provider of world-class services to our customers.  


“London Stock Exchange Group is about powering the real economy.”

“We’re rooted in integrity – that’s at the very heart of what we do.”

“Customers trade with us because of the trust factor.”

“Partnership is everything.”

“We work as one global enterprise on behalf of our clients.”

“Open access is at the centre of our business model. It’s in our DNA.”

We market our products in 95 countries; have a physical presence in 25 countries; and have partnerships with 50 exchanges around the world. So the Group is diversified. (Xavier Rolet, CEO, LSEG)

There are a lot of different teams and business areas, and they do work in collaboration to create new solutions for the industry. (Maryse Gordon, Senior Pre Sales Consultant, UnaVista)

Our aim is always the same: trying to innovate, to continue to expand the range of our clients. (Raffaele Jerusalmi, CEO, Borsa Italiana)

…the improvements to systems and structures, the innovation we undertake on behalf of our customers, built around that core value of integrity…(Donald Brydon, Chairman, LSEG)

Partnership is the key to success. It’s a fundamental driver of innovation and long-term growth. (Ron Bundy, CEO Indexes – North America, LSEG)

A partnership approach is really at the heart of our business model. (Cécile Nagel, Global Head of Equities, LCH)

We combine all these strengths and forces together to support companies in their growth path. (Luca Peyrano, CEO, ELITE)

We’re listed on AIM. It’s great to be amongst this fantastic group of companies. (Jonathan Peters, Group Finance Director, Everyman Media Group Plc)

There’s a unifying approach that has been taken to develop and really deliver on the key goals for the organisation. (Tim Jones, Group Head of Human Resources, LSEG)

So for us it’s about creating a whole ecosystem, not just offering one set of solutions. (Xavier Rolet)

Through our strong reputation, we have more international companies listed on London Stock Exchange than any other market in the world. (Nikhil Rathi, CEO, London Stock Exchange Plc)

When you look at London Stock Exchange Group’s unique position within the financial industry…(Oluwatosin Nubi, Strategic Account Management Coordinator, LCH)

…we are pretty much the heartbeat of financial services. (Chris Corrado, CIO/COO, LSEG)

It’s a great privilege to be in that position – we don’t take it for granted. (Donald Maguire, Global Head of Rates & FX Derivatives, LCH)

The company – everyone knows the integrity we’ve got in the Group. There’s definitely a strong feeling of pride working here. (Sarah Baker, Manager Primary Markets, LSEG)

Growing from a national business to a global business, and a relevant business, that is now competitively as well as strategically the global leader in the financial infrastructure industry. (Xavier Rolet)