Open Access in action: Turkish Derivatives

Open Access in action: Turkish Derivatives

Open Access in Action: You can now trade the Turkey BIST30, in London.

Partnering with other markets and customers is a defining characteristic of London Stock Exchange.

We've always worked a lot with our clients and stakeholders at large. Being able to get a liquidity network on our market requires us to be in sync with the whole market.

Open Access is about giving new opportunities to clients, allowing them to further leverage the pipes they have altready built, and diversify the product range that they can trade through those pipes.

Access to the Turkish market is easier than ever now. Through the London Stock Exchange network and LCH.Clearnet, clients have an alternative way to trade futures and options on the leading turkish index, the BIST30, reaching the highest level of efficiency and reduction of their cost.

Customers can post margin with LCH.Clearnet in Dollars, Euros and British Pounds. It's a big advantage that we are giving the market. You are diminishing the complexity of the whole system and, at the end, you are reducing the end-to-end cost of trading these products.

Open Access ultimately delivers simplicity to the customer. Not only the direct customer but also the final user of the product.