BTP Italia: More than €20 billion raised on MOT

BTP Italia: More than €20 billion raised on MOT

  • Institutional investors offer period closed early this morning
  • Retail investors offer period closed yesterday raising over €10 billion
  • Annual (real) coupon rate is set a1.65%

The sixth issue of BTP Italia, the government bond designed by the Italian Treasury for private investors, closed today after raising over €20 billion with 171,271 trades in total. The offer period closed early at 9:40am.

The retail investor offer period ran from 14 to 16 April, raising over €10 billion with a total of 170,217 trades. The offer period for institutional investors closed early today after being over subscribed and raised more than £10 billion.

BTP Italia has a maturity of six years, longer than the four previous issues, and a real coupon rate set to 1.65%. The “Premio Fedeltà” (loyalty bonus) was confirmed by the Treasury for people who hold BTP Italia until it expires.

Pietro Poletto, Head of Fixed Income Markets of Borsa Italiana , said:

"The sixth issue of BTP Italia has been a big success. The Treasury chose to meet the demands of retail investors by introducing two separate distribution periods: the first (14-16 April) focused on retail investors, and the second (17 April) for institutional investors. MOT has again proven it is an efficient and liquid market, and is supported by a wide distribution network through traditional intermediaries and online,  as well as the innovative methods of distribution chosen by the Treasury."

MOT benefits from a large network of connected operators, with more than 44 direct members and a large number of non-connected brokers supporting the liquidity of the secondary market. Borsa Italiana provides supervisions and warranties typical of a regulated market. This allows investors to trade in the most protected conditions thanks to an integrated technological infrastructure from order entry to execution and transactions regulation.


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