Supporting Enterprise and Growth in the UK

Foreword from our Jes Staley- CEO of Barclays Group

Supporting Enterprise and Growth in the UK

For more than 325 years, Barclays has supported our customers and clients in the UK, helping them to invest, innovate and grow in complex and sometimes turbulent times. Over the same period, the City of London has developed into a pre-eminent global financial centre, the most advanced and liquid capital market in Europe, with the London Stock Exchange at its heart.

When Barclays launched its European equities trading business in 2009, it was the LSE’s chief executive who we asked to ring the newly installed brass bell for the first time in our Canary Wharf trading floor. Since that time our close broking and advisory relationship with the LSE has continued to deepen and flourish.

The UK is a global financial services powerhouse, home to a rich ecosystem of world-class firms, including now the cutting edge fintech businesses that will keep London at the forefront of developments in the global financial markets for decades to come.

The development of our own business reflects that richness and sophistication. As a transatlantic consumer and wholesale bank with global reach, we bridge the great capital markets of London and New York, supporting the increasingly global companies of the FTSE 100 and beyond wherever they look for opportunity and growth. Over the past five years, Barclays has held the position of number one debt arranger for UK corporates and serves as corporate broker to a quarter of its companies, a privileged role that brings unique strategic insight to our clients – and we are the number one trader of UK equities.

Today, of course, the City faces a period of uncertainty as the UK prepares to leave the European Union. Nevertheless, we are confident that London will adapt and continue to thrive as it has in the past, and that the City’s capital markets, with the LSE at their centre, will continue to fulfil their vital role supporting enterprise and growth in the UK, Europe, and around the world, drawing on the unique pool of talent and expertise gathered here.