Captains of industry

Industrial development has made a huge contribution to Africa’s growth over the past decade in areas such as oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, and chemicals. With global demand for commodities fading in recent years, further industrialisation will deliver the benefits of economic diversification, while providing more jobs and reducing inequality. And greater regional integration and cross-border trade – both of which are being promoted by the African Union – should help the continent capitalise on its increasingly strong industrial sector.

Sector at a glance 

  • 29% - Industry’s share of GDP in Africa in 2016
  • 9% of the continent’s jobs are in the manufacturing sector
  • 57 million people across africa are employed in industry

Eagle Chemicals
Eagle Chemicals is a leading producers of resin and polymer products.
Impact Oil & Gas
Impact Oil & Gas is an energy company founded in 2010.
Kyogo Mazinga
Kyogo Mazinga supplies stone veneering for both indoor and outdoor use in the construction industry.
Kora Housing
Kora is building 40,000 housing units in 15 urban communities across six provinces.
Metallon is the leading gold mining company in Zimbabwe, with four mines that it owns and operates.
Mixta Africa
Mixta Africa is a real estate developer involved in projects in Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia and Côte d’Ivoire.
WaterHealth International
WaterHealth International uses its purification technology to ensure the water is safe to drink.
MonuRent provides heavy equipment and services across the continent, specialising in earth-moving supply and engineering support.