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Tech Transparency

BudgIT Foundation has been using technology to enlighten, engage and empower Nigerians since 2011. The foundation describes itself as a non-governmental civic technology organisation and its core focus is to provide accurate data about public finance and governance matters, thereby raising the standard of government transparency and accountability in the country.

The foundation works with other civil society and public institutions as well as the media to get its message out and to date has reached close to five million Nigerians, both online and offline. Its output includes Budget Access and State of States publications, as well as training sessions, workshops and the production of thousands of infographics. It has also developed a project-monitoring platform called Tracka, which keeps an eye on the progress of more than 800 projects around the country.

The organisation is currently active in 22 of Nigeria’s 36 states, but it has plans to expand its operations both inside the country and beyond. “Our mission is relevant in practically every democratic nation, especially those of the developing countries,” says Oluseun Onigbinde, Co-founder and Director of BudgIT Foundation. “To this end, in the next five years we hope to increase our reach to all 36 states of Nigeria and spread to at least three other countries, improving the knowledge of governance matters among citizens.”

In an effort to place the foundation on a sustainable, long-term footing, it has also been developing some profit-making ventures. In 2015, it set up BudgIT Co to offer data analytics and visualisation services for both public and private companies and last year it launched the Civic Hive project, which offers virtual and physical space for start-ups. “This is another revenue-generating platform for BudgIT as start-ups pay for the space they use at a very subsidised rate,” says Oluseun.

But the main focus still remains the same. “Our biggest opportunity is the need for Nigerian citizens to be informed about governance activities,” says Oluseun.