Tony Edwards

Tony Edwards

"Africa is a land of opportunity, where countries want to take charge of their own destinies"

Sponsor foreword by Tony Edwards, Partner, Africa Group, Stephenson Harwood

A dynamic private sector, underpinned by strong entrepreneurial talent, is an essential combination for ensuring sustained economic prosperity. And this combination will be needed if the transformation of Africa is to be accelerated. 

Securing investment to expand and create new markets will drive the development and diversification of economies, to achieve growth and stability.

The Africa we know is unrecognisable from the negative images so often portrayed by the international media. This initiative – of which we are incredibly pleased to be a part – provides an opportunity not only to recognise the achievements of African companies and entrepreneurs, but also to help them prosper.

Africa is a land of opportunity, where countries want to take charge of their own destinies and are looking for partnerships to support them in doing so. Ghana’s recent investment campaign, entitled Ghana Beyond Aid, is a case in point.

Similarly, initiatives like the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement point to a desire for Africans to partner and trade with other Africans. 

At Stephenson Harwood, our award-winning Africa group has been supporting clients across the African continent, and our international clients have been investing there, for many years. Reflecting the African roots of many of our team, our relationship with Africa is a partnership. We were the first UK law firm to establish a formal secondment programme, inviting lawyers from law firms across Africa to spend time with us in London, providing an international perspective to local talent. Many of these secondees have become leading practitioners.

We promote a number of other long-term initiatives in Africa, including in Kenya where we work closely with the Rhino Ark Charity. One of the most important conservation projects in the country, it helps to support the preservation of Kenya’s essential water resources, and to protect important wildlife and farms, and farmers from animal interference. In Nigeria, we are a partner of the Nigerian Law School and sponsor its Best Student prize.

The future of Africa will be shaped through engagement and investment. With a healthy, educated and empowered labour force, Africa’s transformation will deliver real and sustained economic growth across the continent.