Deanne Chatterton

Deanne Chatterton

"The companies featured in this year’s programme are truly inspirational and demonstrate entrepreneurial flair"

Sponsor foreword by Deanne Chatterton, CEO, Instinctif Partners, Africa

The African continent has been friend and foe to many international investors over the years, resulting in its sporadic rise and fall in popularity. Given its position as the world’s second largest and second most populous continent, sitting behind Asia in both categories, it is not a stretch of the imagination to envisage that Africa has finally reached a turning point where it can deliver the rapid economic growth and development that has evaded it to date. This alone creates immense appetite from the investment community globally to participate in this as yet untapped potential in its vibrant and diverse markets.

The key to realising value in investing in Africa is to understand not only the environment, in terms of the governance, economic, legal and political perspectives, but also the local licence-to-operate sensitivities
in each country.

Across the continent, the Shared Value Africa Initiative is becoming a defining template for operating in Africa. The programme supports the ‘Profit with Purpose’ model, which many countries believe is the key to unlocking market-specific potential through the implementation of business imperatives. These will not only help to provide returns to shareholders, but also help to solve real issues that will bring
about sustainable and necessary change to drive real growth in their specific economies. 

It is the intimate knowledge of the local markets that enables Instinctif Partners to work with its clients across multiple African markets, guiding them on their strategic positioning and implementing wide-ranging engagement programmes to address complex stakeholder groups – ultimately to develop relevant, resilient and robust operations that facilitate sustainable wealth creation in the markets in which
they operate. 

We are delighted to be partnering with London Stock Exchange Group and its Companies to Inspire Africa initiative. As a business we have been operating across Africa for nearly three decades and we wholeheartedly believe in its potential. The companies featured in this year’s programme are truly inspirational and demonstrate the entrepreneurial flair that is emerging across Africa and that offers the opportunity of building the shared prosperity the continent deserves.