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Trigger Enterprises

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Safety first

Trigger Enterprises was set up by two ambitious friends in 2015 and since then has built up a reputation as a leading supplier and distributor of firefighting equipment and personal protective wear across the East and Central Africa regions.

“From oil exploration to industrial revolutions, wherever they build, we protect,” says Director Gideon Kirumira. “Trigger Enterprises is now the number one firefighting services supplier in a regional market spanning over eight countries.”

The company’s core product offering includes fire detection and suppression systems and firefighting training, but it also offers other general merchandise such as building, plumbing and electrical materials as well as civil and mechanical services.

The Kampala-based company has ambitions to develop its footprint so that it reaches all corners of the continent. “It’s onwards and upwards for us,” says fellow Director Sean Kijjambu. “Africa is no longer the future, it’s the most rapidly developing market in the world. We are looking to put our mark on the whole of Africa.”

As it develops, the company is keenly aware of the need to maintain high standards. “Our experiences have enabled us to provide our clients with comprehensive and cost-effective packages and through this we enjoy exceptional levels of customer retention,” says Sean. “We expect to grow our team by at least 35% in order to meet ever-increasing demand and maintain our good customer practices.”

The company has been helped by the rapidly growing economy in its home market of Uganda and has adopted a corporate motto of “nothing is impossible”.

It is a business philosophy that Trigger Enterprises recommends to other aspiring entrepreneurs.