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Advent Construction

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From its base in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Advent Construction, founded in 1996, prides itself on providing world-class standards of quality, compliance and transparency in the region’s construction sector. With a workforce of over 1,000 staff, its activities range from large civil works to individual five-star hotels and everything in between.

The company has coped well with the difficult trading conditions of recent years and has been able to develop its market share even as some rivals have struggled. “A difficult economic environment and a temporary slowdown in new projects saw us realign our strategic positioning and strengthen the core business while the industry went through restructuring,” says Dhruv Jog, Managing Director. “Less innovative companies were unable to cope with this realignment, but Advent was able to grow its footprint and use its size and economies of scale to take on new sectors and regions that were previously unavailable.”

The business continues to look for new opportunities to expand and among the areas it is now looking at is the offshore construction sector. The growth of the local middle class, coupled with the need to address the severe housing shortage and the requirement to build out key infrastructure such as water distribution and treatment, hospitals, schools and even leisure developments all mean that demand for the services offered by firms such as Advent Construction should be strong in the years ahead.

“East Africa is one of the final frontiers of rapid infrastructural and economic growth and that sees Advent being very busy for the next 20–30 years as the population in the region continues to grow,” says Dhruv.